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Monthly pay for a web site

It usually costs thousands of dollars to build a high quality website all at once. According to our observations, it is advantageous for many new entrepreneurs, small and medium entrepreneurs to maintain a website by investing a small amount of money per month rather than spending a lot of money at once to get a website.

We identify this requirement and introduce several web design packages under the monthly payment scheme. We guarantee the quality of the websites provided under this scheme. Provides on-demand updates in a short period of time.

“If you are satisfied with the service we provide, you will continue to stay with us” It is a measurement of our success and we strive to provide you with superior service at all times.

30 USD
Per month

100 USD Initial Design Cost *

5 Web Pages
WordPress CMS
SEO Ready
SSL Certificate
Web Hosing
2 Email Addresses
Let's Start
40 USD
Per month

200 USD Initial Design Cost *

7 Web Pages
WordPress CMS
SEO Ready
SSL Certificate
Web Hosting
2 Email Addresses
Let's Start
E Commerce
50 USD
Per month

300 USD Initial Design Cost *

10 Web Pages
E Commerce Store
WordPress CMS
SEO Ready
SSL Certificate
Web Hosting
3 Email Addresses
Let's Start
Perfect Colour Combinations
Attractive UX/UI Designs

E Commerce Features

  1. Product Categories
  2. Product Attributes
  3. Multiple Payment Methods
  4. Multiple Shipping Methods
  5. Wish List
  6. Guest Checkout
  7. Social Media Shearing
  8. Customer Reviews 
  9. Product Rating


How to manage web sites

Web sites are Developed using WordPress CMS, we provide login credentials for web site backend to perform modifications listed below.

  1. Manage the content of web pages
  2. Manage Blog Posts (for medium and eCommerce subscriptions)
  3. Manage eCommerce Store (for eCommerce subscriptions)

IF you need our service to update web site please contact us. You have to pay a fee for it

How to add new pages

You can add pages. If it does not exceed the page count mentioned in the subscription package we design pages free of charge. 

The design and Development fee for a new page is 50 USD-100 USD

How to Buy Domain Name

If you already have a domain name you can link it by updating name servers

If you want to buy a domain name from us we can buy it for you, domain name fee must pay yearly

If you need to buy a domain name yourself we can assist you to buy it from a domain name register

Subscription Termination

If you unable to pay the monthly fee subscription will be terminated and web site will be terminated temporary terminated

You can reactivate temporary terminated web sites by paying subscription fees within 3 months

Terminated web sites are removed permanently after 4 months unless you reactivate

Transfer Web Site

You can request a copy of the website and database by paying an additional fee. it will be determined by our financial department

Package fees




500 – 1000 USD


750 – 1500 USD

E Commerce

1500 USD – 2000 USD

Transfer Domain name

We allowed transferring domain name free of charge

The information on a successful website should be clearly lined up. Pages should be easily accessible. content must be optimized for search engines, sharing on social media should be easy, It should include strategies that can turn visitors into buyers. Such a website facilitates to easily find information about the products or services and gain a clear understanding about it. So the buying trend is high.

Let's Design a Website

Our Approach


We do some inspection about keywords, competitors, trends, brand, products, services, and your goals


We determine website layout, navigation structures, content optimizations, call to action placements, and more


Design site graphically and UI/UX Development


We develop web site using wordpress and other web development technologies


We Test the website to recognize uncovered bugs and correct them


Publish web site

What makes us a special agency

We will not stop creating a website for you. We follow up and help keep the site up to date with changes in technology and design trends.

Thank You!

They gave us the design we had in mind as we had hoped. New customers visit the website and call us. We are glad to work with you.

Tharinda / TDA Architects

Good Job!

The website makes me and my staff very happy. Truly it is a beautiful design. Charges are reasonable. It has a lot of customer attraction because it is at the top of Google search results.

Ranjeewa / Sea Breeze Hotel

Well done!

Created a beautiful website in less time. I am very pleased with the friendly service

Susitha / GGTL