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30 USD
Per month

100 USD Initial Design Cost *

5 Web Pages
WordPress CMS
SEO Ready
Web Hosing
2 email Addresses
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E Commerce
50 USD
Per month

300 USD Initial Design Cost *

10 Web Pages
E Commerce Store
WordPress CMS
SEO Ready
Web Hosting
3 email Addresses
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How to manage web sites

Web sites are Developed using WordPress CMS, we provide login credentials for web site backend to perform modifications listed below.

  1. Manage the content of web pages
  2. Manage Blog Posts (for medium and eCommerce subscriptions)
  3. Manage eCommerce Store (for eCommerce subscriptions)

IF you need our service to update web site please contact us. You have to pay a fee for it

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How to add new pages

Subscription package users do not allow adding new pages to the website. You have to make a request to add a new page. If it does not exceed the page count mentioned in the subscription package we add pages free of charge. 

If you need to add more pages than mentioned in the subscription package have to pay the Design and development fee and the subscription fee will be increased by 2 Dollar per one page.

The design and Development fee for a new page is 50 USD-100 USD

How to Buy Domain Name

If you already have a domain name you can link it by updating name servers

If you want buy a domain name from us we can buy it for you, domain name fee must pay yearly

If you need buy domain name yourself we can assist you to buy it from a domain name register

Subscription Termination

Subscription will be terminating if you avoid making the monthly payment. And web site will be shut down

You can reactivate terminated web sites by paying subscription fees within 3 months

Terminated web sites are removed after 4 months unless you reactivate

Transfer Web Site

You can request a copy of the website and database by paying web site fee. it will be determine by our financial department

Package fees




500 – 1000 USD


750 – 1500 USD

E Commerce

1500 USD – 2000 USD

Transfer Domain name

We allowed transferring domain name free of charge

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